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What is Deep Link (Dynamic Link)

Deeplink is a hyperlink on a website that connects a website to another website or even to another platform, but in mobile applications the link is a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).

May 09, 2022 10:31

For example, for an e-commerce-based mobile application with a good user experience, it has the ability to take its users to a specific page that displays the item they are looking for. Another example, when you are searching for facebook on google, then click the facebook link and if you have installed the facebook application, then the link will direct to the facebook application that has been installed, that's how deep links work.

Deep Link Function

Deep links have several functions, including:

  • Better security: App links and universal links provide assurance that no other app uses your link. Other companies can't claim your link, so they can't send traffic to their own apps (as can be done with custom schemes).
  • Perfect user experience: App links and universal links use the same URL as your web link, so if your app doesn't open, users will be redirected to the website's landing page instead of an error page.

Deep Link Type

A. Traditional Deep Links

Traditional deep links can redirect users to app content as long as the app is already installed when the link is opened. This means that Traditional deep links don't work if the user doesn't have the app, and will return an error or a backup page.

B. Deferred Deep Links

Deffered deep links can redirect users to content even if the app is not installed when the link is opened. The link will redirect to the App Store or Play Store to download the app if it's not already installed, and then take the user to the specified content as soon as the app is run.

C. Contextual Deep Links

Contextual Deep Links has all the functionality of defrered deep links, plus more. Contextual Deep Links store information about where the user wants to go, where the link was clicked, who originally shared the link, and an almost unlimited amount of custom data.

Benefits of Deep Links in SEO

There are various benefits of deep links that you need to know, such as the following review.

1. Minimize Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is a term used for website visitors who just come and go without making any clicks. This has the possibility that visitors don't find what they need, the page is slow, or there really isn't another page for the web visitor to click on.

This is the reason why deep links are able to minimize the percentage of the bounce rate of your web or blog.

2. Improve Optimization

Not only SEO that plays an important role in optimizing the web you have, deep links also contribute to this problem. Deep links will help the web directly focus on content that has a relationship with it.

3. Increased Traffic

This is because deep links are fast and easy to access so as to provide the best surfing experience in the internet world. The more people who access your web page, the more your web traffic will increase. Of course this is important in boosting the ranking of your web page.

4. Authority and visibility

The use of deep links on the website will increase authority and visibility. It also has links with other website tools such as SEO and so on.

5. Avoiding Penalties

Regarding relevance, this is what makes using deep links on websites to minimize the risk of penalties. This is because relevant websites are highly favored by search engines like Google.

6. Deployment of overall web authority

The use of internal links or external links does increase access to the homepage, but gives the impression of being redundant. This is because optimization occurs in a one-way environment.

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